$25 Can Give the Gift of Sight to One Deserving Person in Pakistan

Cataract is the cloudiness of the eye lens, which prevents light to focus clearly on the retina. Cataracts form naturally with aging as eye lens becomes less flexible, less transparent and thicker. Cells within the lens break or shed and lump together, causing the lens to cloud. Initially the clouded areas are small and unnoticeable, however, as cataracts develop this area becomes larger and denser resulting in severely blurred vision. Here is how a cataract looks like!

macro human eye

Cataract is a common and treatable conditions. Given access to timely and proper surgical treatment, 95% of cataract surgeries result in improved vision. However, people coming from the underprivileged communities like Pakistan, who lack access to health care facilities or are unable to meet the financial burden of the treatment, face both physical and financial hardships due to this disease.

Since its inception Rahbar Trust has tirelessly worked to help alleviate the sufferings of cataract patients in Pakistan. Our qualified and experienced surgeons and dedicated team members, along with local hospitals, treat approximately 100 patients a day and perform about 10 to 12 eye surgeries a day (nearly 4000 surgeries per year). Rahbar Trust also runs large scale camps for intra optic lens (IOL) implantation twice a year.

The procedure, pre-surgical exams and post-surgical follow-up is offered completely free of charge to the patients.

Your one-time donation of $25 can give a person the gift of sight for a lifetime.