Thousands of cardiac patients die each year due to lack of money for essential cardiac procedures. Cardiac stents are one of the main essential equipment for saving lives in Acute heart attacks or improve quality of life in an angina patient. For last 15 years, Founder and Chairman of Rahbar Trust, Dr Muhammad Usman Mustafa and his colleagues Dr Muhammad Murtaza, Dr Haytham Albizem and others have been performing these procedures free of cost for needy patients. Our team visits Shaikh Zayed Hospital every few months to perform these procedures. Our schedule is posted well in advance on social media to inform patients.

Since 2010, Rahbar Trust is supporting free stents program to provide top quality coronary stents for the poor and needy in Pakistan. Dr. Muhammad Usman Mustafa, a board certified interventional cardiologist, along with his colleagues is helping these deserving patients with gift of life. Please let us know if you have any deserving patient in Pakistan who needs stents. Dr. Mustafa along with his team of local doctors will personally make sure that we help them with no operator fee or stent fee. Average cost of a single stent procedure is approximately $700. For more info regarding our next trip to Pakistan, please visit and like Rahbar Trust’s Facebook page.

Please donate generously to support this great cause so that thousands of patients with debilitating heart disease can get benefit.