I came across a laborer [in Pakistan] whose floor polishing machine had broken and he needed $120 to get it fixed. For two weeks his household was without income because he could not work and eventually, the laborer was forced to beg and approached us for some charity.

Dr. Mohammad Usman Mustafa [Founder & President US Chapter, Rahbar Trust]

Rahbar Trust owes its existence to the laborer who needed $120 to get his floor polishing machine fixed. Dr. Mustafa, Founder and President of Rahbar Trust, goes on to say, “Just looking at this very healthy person, it did not seem appropriate to give him charity. Instead, we decided to offer him an interest free loan with the condition to return it in equal installments. He was able to pay back the loan within 6 months and became a great source of inspiration for all of us.” — And Rahbar Trust was founded in 1995.

Currently, 500 families are enrolled in this program.

Since its inception, Rahbar Trust has provided interest free loans to hundreds of families in Pakistan and helped them break the poverty cycle and live a dignified and independent life.

With your support, many such deserving people can become self-reliant and be productive members of the society.

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