As of 2017, nearly 2 billion people do not have access to basic medicines.

World Health Organization, 2017

Rahbar Wellness Centers is a unique concept to provide quality primary healthcare, clean water supply, eye care, vaccinations and provision of food supplies at time of crisis under one roof.

Rahbar Free Clinics and Diagnostic centers

Availability of quality primary healthcare is a worldwide issue and more so in developing countries. Approximately 70 million people in Pakistan suffer from hypertension & 32 million have diabetes mellitus. Half of them are unable to afford medications for either condition; severely impacting their quality of life and in many cases resulting in completely preventable deaths. Primary care clinics setup by Rahbar Trust has been helping thousands of patients with many preventable diseases. In 2022 and 2023, our centers serves 55000 and 66000 patients respectively and provided quality health care services to the communities all across Pakistan, middle east and Africa.

Rahbar Free Clinics are now established in following cities in Punjab and Baluchistan. Pakistan. Patients can go and see a qualified doctor and get free medicines in:
  1. Okara, Punjab
  2. Lahore, Punjab
  3. Pattoki, Punjab
  4. Pakpattan, Punjab
  5. Kassowal, Punjab
  6. Quetta, Balochistan
  7. Machh, Balochistan
  8. North Nazimabad, Karachi
  9. Gambia, West Africa

Following are some of the medicine types available in our clinics

  1. Anti-Angina medications
  2. Anti-allergy
  3. Antibiotics
  4. Anti-diabetic medications
  5. Anti-diarrhea
  6. Antihypertensive medications
  7. Asthma medications
  8. Children cough syrups
  9. Common Analgesics
  10. Heart Failure medications

We have taken the lead to help needy patients with access to high quality basic blood work facility including urgent blood sugar testing and urine tests. All Clinics are equipped with ultrasound facility for pregnant women as well as 12 lead ECG machines for patients presenting with cardiac issues. Each clinic also has a nebulizer for treatment of acute asthma attack.

All patients data is stored in a secure and robust Electronic Medical record system. Live clinics updates can be seen via tab on the home page.

Rahbar Clean Water Project

Clean drinking water is one of the greatest blessings!. 85% of population in under-developed world does not have access to clean drinking water. Most chronic diseases like Hepatitis are linked to contaminated water supply especially in poor areas in and around big cities. Each Rahbar Clinic has provision for clean and filtered (when needed) water supply. We check Total dissolvable solvents (TDS) value along with Ph and bring to WHO standards of <400. We use reverse osmosis process to clean the sediments and use special filters to get rid of all germs. Here is how a reverse osmosis process looks like!

Each water filtration plant serves > 4000 liters of clean water to local residents. In very host summer season, we use Chillers at plant to serve cold drinking water.

Here is how you can make a difference!

You can contribute by sponsoring a complete water filtration plant for only $6000. The cost to maintain each plant is around $2500/year. This is a great Sadaqa e Jaria

Rahbar Free Medicine Tracking System

With your help Rahbar Trust can bring relief to low income families, who are forced to choose between food and medicine.

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