And whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.

Al-Quran [5:32]

Medical and relief mission to Lebanon (June 28th to July 6th 2024)

Rahbar Trust is planning for a relief mission to Lebanon from June 28th to July 6th. Please email to [email protected]. This is a great opportunity for Young physicians, medical/ pre medical students and nurses. Spots are limited so apply ASAP and be part of a great mission.

Medical relief mission Southern Turkey/ Northern Syria

in July 2023, a 14 member strong Rahbar medical team visited earth quick affected areas of Southern Turkey and Northern Syria. Following are the some of the highlights of the trip

Medical clinics

We saw more than 800 patients and supplied medicines. Emphasis was given to the most underserved areas including Jarabelus, Aleppo and many small villages.

Drinking water facility

We were able to establish a solar powered water treatment plant in Jarabelus area which will serve more than 2000 population.

Here are some of the pictures from the trip

Medical Relief Mission- Gambia

In July 2022, we had a very successful trip to Gambia, West Africa. Here are some of the main achievments.

Medical clinics

Our Medical team saw more than 1000 patients in the remote villages of Basse, Dampha Kunda and Capital Banjul. We supplied a huge quantity of medicines to these clinics and local hospitals. A permanent Rahbar clinic is now established.

Water Filtration Plants

We established three water treatment plants to serve the drinking water needs of the local population. Basse, Dampha Kunda and Banul each got a 2000 liters per hour capacity water facility.

Establishment of first CCU in Banjul

Rahbar Trust established first CCU equipped with Defibrillator/ Monitor and thus established a 4 beds CCU to stabilize patients with acute heart attack and they would not die while being transferred to Senegal.

Here are some of the pictures from the Trip

Previous Syrian Relief Missions!!

The 10 years of Syrian Civil War has resulted in civilian casualties of a magnitude not witnessed in the recent history. About 60% of those suffering the misery of war are children. The war has resulted in 7 million Syrian refugees, who have fled to neighboring countries. Of these 7 million 660,000 are in Jordan. Many of these refugees are living in makeshift camps with no running water, restroom facilities or even proper tents to provide shelter from the heat and dust of the desert. The conditions in these camps are unimaginably dire and miserable.
Rahbar Trust is on the forefront to help these very deserving souls.  For the past 5 years, Rahbar Trust has brought together a group of dedicated physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers and students who travel to Jordan [self financed], volunteer their time and effort and work tirelessly to help address some of the day to day problems faced by the Syrian Refugees in Jordan.

The main services provided by Rahbar Trust at these camps include but are not limited to:

  • School buildings
  • Restroom facilities
  • Medical camps and dispensaries
  • Basic hygiene and clothing supplies
  • Help Orphans

Here are some of the pictures of our trips in Jordan

Getting ready to distribute

With your generous donations Rahbar Trust can continue to mitigate the pain and suffering of the Syrian Refugees, who are facing an unparalled humanitarian crisis and unimaginable emotional, physical and mental trauma of our time.

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