Syrian Relief Trip 2016

Rahbar Trust has been actively involved in efforts to relieve suffering of Syrian refugees. We planned and took a medical/humanitarian relief mission to Amman, Jordan, from July 16th to 24th, 2016.

The group of volunteers was led by Dr. Usman Mustafa.
The group was scheduled  to visit camps and orphanages near Amman.

As per United Nations, there are numerous camps, which are established at Jordanian/Syrian border and has more than 600,000 Syrian refugees. Most of these people are in desperate conditions. There are a few orphanages as well. The children’s ages in these orphanages vary from as young as one year to 15 years old. Following are only the few snapshots of daily hardships and living conditions  of these unfortunate people.

Our Team

We had a group of 11 volunteers from all over the USA ready to serve and give the best of their selfless dedication.

Day 1

Our very dedicated volunteers were hard at work to put together back to school kits for their Orphanage visit after a long 10 plus hours flight straight to Amman from JFK. The giving back to the most in need has no bounds and the reward is with the most Merciful, Ar-Raheem.

Day 2

Service to others is a privilege and an honor.

The day started with distribution of toys and back to school kits to the kids and then a packed day of different activities involving crafts and games by our nurturing volunteers.

It has been a very emotionally draining experience for all including our donors and well wishers, sitting around the world living the experience  through these pictures ,comments and small video clips.

May Allah swt protect our humble volunteers and keep this drive and service alive in their hearts, Amen.

Day 3

The day started with a briefing of conditions and scope of AL Za’atari Camp by the camp director Mr Norooz Muhammad. Which gave a well needed insight of services they need help with.

The compassion and zeal of our volunteers is incredible. They amazed all by their hard work and persistence by waking up early everyday to serve the one’s in need with a smile and vigor. The feeling of giving back  is just beyond words.

The volunteers gather/organize their supplies to distribute a day ahead of visit and today was a busy day with two clinics at Al Za’atari Camp and Al Mafraq Camp.

Inception of  Medical Dispensary

Lack of hygiene and sanitation has given way to many common diseases including gastroenteritis, sore throat, fever, chest infections etc and the refugees have very limited resources to fight against them. Our group was working on taking a big supply of medicine and  has established small dispensary with enough resources to sustain for at least 2-3 years (more supplies will be added over time ).

The aim was to heal the war torn with these small gestures and compassion that our team can offer.

Special thanks to  each and everyone of the  volunteers as they were out in 95 F plus temperature to serve and spread love.

Day 4

Another day well spent with the Syrian kids in Orphange @Al Muqabalayn. The volunteers have utilized maximum time in interacting with them as well as distributing the back to school kits and toys.

The highlight of the day was the ice cream treat for about 65 kids, courtesy our generous volunteers Paul & Rachel Ingledue.

God is kind and merciful and has sent his people from all over to serve, where needed. The mercifulness of the believer can be seen by his/her approach and conduct with the orphan. The kindest of attitudes must be shown to the orphans as explicitly explained in the Qur’an with 23 times mention of the word ‘ORPHAN’ in it.

One thing we all should adopt is “to do good” to orphans and “never to treat them harshly”. Let they be Syrian, Pakistani, American or any other ethnicity.

Day 5

A tough day with so much going on. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge in most camps is proper sanitation. With limited toilet facility the refugees are forced to go to open field which causes adverse effect on the already poor facilities.

Our volunteers were planning to build/Install four sets of permanent toilets containing two units each costing around $5000. The prefabricated parts were ordered already .

The team has visited an open camp in desert close to Al Mafraq without any basic facilities and decided to install the bathroom there with full water tanks paid for till next couple months giving government and other refugee help aids to kick in soon.

No words are enough to explain the issues and give an insight on the plight of these war stricken people. May the political situation improves significantly and ease the difficulties and pave a way back for refugees to their origin.


No effort is sufficient enough as the need is huge and we intend to keep up with taking care of the projects mentioned above. We strongly urge all of you to come forward and help us with these worthy causes.

Your donations will be 100% used for these initiative and are tax deductible.
Kindly open your hearts and donate generously.

Surah Al-Hadid, Verse 18
Surely (as for) the charitable men and the charitable women and (those who) set apart for Allah a goodly portion, it shall be doubled for them and they shall have a noble reward.

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