Syria: The Worst Humanitarian Crisis of Our Century

Approximately 13 million Syrians are in need of aid, 7 million Syrians are refugees, 6 million are internally displaced and 3 million are in hard to reach besieged areas.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The Syrian Crisis
The 9 years of Syrian Civil War has resulted in civilian casulties of a magnitude not witnessed in the recent history. About 60% of those suffering the misery of war are children. The war has resulted in 7 million Syrian refugees, who have fled to neighboring countries. Of these 7 million 660,000 are in Jordan. Many of these refugees are living in makeshift camps with no running water, restroom facilities or even proper tents to provode shelter from the heat and dust of the desert. The conditions in these camps are unimaginably dire and miserable.

Rahbar Trust’s Commitment to Support Those in Need
Rahbar Trust is on the forefront to help these very deserving souls.  For the past three years Rahbar Trust has brought together a group of dedicated physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers and students who travel to Jordan [self financed], volunteer their time and effort and work tireslessly to help address some of the day to day problems faced by the Syrian Refugees in Jordan.

Schools Buildings
Provding school facilities is one of Rahbar Trust’s main mission. Having a school building, not only encourages the kids to learn but also help them deal with the trauma of their experiences by provding them a safe environment where they can engage in productive and scheduled activities. It also saves the kids from the sweltering desert heat, that, on a good day, can reach up to 55 degree Celcius. Since 2016, Rahbar Trust has built numerous schools in these makeshift campls on and near the Jordanian/Syrian border. All of these facilities are locally manufactured and maintained. Each school can accommodate upto 70 kids and has some basic amenities including fans, decent quality carpet and a white board. More recently, we have started putting small cabinets stocked with basic medical supplies, such as pain killers, bandaids, etc. to treat common ailments.

Prefabricated School Building
Children Playing While Waiting for the School Facility to be Completed
Inside a Rahbar Trust School
Children & Rahbar Trust Volunteers Excited About the New School

Restroom Facilities
A restroom in these camps are generally spaces made by hanging sheets to give some semblance of privacy and used by men, women, children, old and young. The schools provided by Rahbar Trust comes with a attached restroom giving complete privacy and a level of dignity to the camp residents.

Restrooms with Water Tanks

Rahbar Medical Camps
Lack of proper medical facilities and basic medicines is a major problem faced by the refugees. Rahbar Trust’s team of medical professionals run medical camps, provide medical care to, on average, 200 refugees a day and dispense medicines.

Preparing and Dispensing Medicines
Pediatric Patient

Distribution of Humanitarian Supplies
Rahbar Trust distributes school supplies [such as, pencils, notebooks, coloring books, book bags, etc.], hygiene supplies [such as, soaps, toothpaste, women hygiene, etc.], solar battery lanterns, essential clothing, shoes, toys, footballs, etc. to the camp residents. The volunteers are an integral part of this effort; sorting, packing and distributing these supplies on a daily basis.

Sorting and Packing Supplies
Playing Football/Soccer
Children Enjoying Some Craft Time
Distributing Supplies

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